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negiliblek negiliblek at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 13 21:52:30 EDT 2009

For clarity with regards to the micro-climate and ground type I will work with this April:
MO - clay, winter, (Oct-March): below 0 F; summer: humid not above 100 F often, dense natural foilage
NM - rocky clay, 6,800-8,500ft above sea level, winter (Oct-April):2ft or more snow below 0 F; summer:dry 80-90's F with Aug-July Monsoons, Sparse natural foilage
IA -rich topsoil layer, winter (Oct-March): well below 0 F, summer:humid 80-90's, dense natural foilage

yarrow at sfo.com -thanks for the clarifications.

Lisa Rollens -near Maysville (not really central MO) ...the species of honey locust that already grows there produces very small (and flat) beans where as the species planted in Gallup, NM produce beans about 1/4" thick. I wonder if I could take a few small twigs from the locust trees in Gallup and graft them onto the full grown locust trees in MO somehow? How large are the beans produced by your trees?  What trees are you using for food?

Larry -thanks for your opinions and the facts/pics! 


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