[permaculture] After the Fires

Bela Beke beke at primus.com.au
Fri Mar 13 20:01:36 EDT 2009

We live in a recently fire effected are of Australia.
We are looking for advice, guidance, on how to deal with landscapes 
effected by wild fire.
Even to know the questions to ask and suggestions to make to 
authorities-(who may or may not taken these things into consideration.)
Some areas were at least 660(degrees Celsius)The aluminium roadsigns melted.
Another concern is that some fire affected areas are quite steep and may 
be subject to collapse
Worst case scenario-Can side's of hills slide down?On to roadways?
Not being experienced Permaculture designer's we are open to advice  to 
how to work with large areas almost
totaly burned out by wery hot fires.
Links to literature,books ,practical advice(disaster 
recovery,green(brown) field development )
on behalf of Permaculture Kinglake Ranges
regards,Bela Beke

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