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It is Leucaena. I probably typed it wrong rushing out the e-mail late at night. I will do my best to answer your questions tomorrow, but there are far more knowledgeable people than me, and my knowledge is based on working in a Mediterranean climate Zone.? Anything Geoff Lawton has to say is pure gold in my humble opinion, I loved his new documentary on food forests.? There are lots of ways to capture water swales, berms, dams, keyline plowing etc. The specifics of your land dictate the methods that are best. My wife and I worked on a small scale.? We used terraces and micro-swales, along with planting trees in basins. We also mulch heavily and do a lot of chop and drop.? 

Every source you mentioned for books are good.? I can't imagine not having Mollison's manual.? Obviously, nitrogen fixers are critically important. We have leucaena, locust, ceanosis, and have also used a variety of annual nitrogen fixers like clover vetch, fava beans and others. Beyond that you need advice from more experienced people than me who have experience in the regions you described.? The general principles work, but the range of plants will be radically different.? 


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I'm going to attempt food forest plantings in central IA, central MO, and 

south of Gallup, NM? -so I'm full of questions for people who've actually 

"done it"

When I googled leucania, I got moths and grasses... do you have the species 


Did you follow the overstory, mid-story, understory, bush and ground cover 


What is your opinion of Geoff Lawton's swale method for creating food forest?

What is your opinion of the book PERMACULTURE: A Designers' Manual by Bill 

Mollison and Reny Mia Slay as a source of food forest design?

I like the honey locust tree because it puts off alot of high protien beans 

and the velvet mesquite for the same reason: what downsides do you know about 

for these trees? ?

Am I correct in thinking since both the honey locust and the velvet mesquite 

come from the pea family that they'd make good nitrogen fixers?

If you have opinions that might create too serious a controversy, feel free 

to email me offline -I'm looking for methods that are tried and true; not 

ivory tower, outta work in theory methods.

If anyone else who has successfully plant a food forest and lives off it, please 
feel free to say what worked for you and what didn't.


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