[permaculture] Drought Proof Farms Workshop, May 1-2-3 2009 (Spain)

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Thu Mar 12 13:03:00 EDT 2009

Drought Proof Farms Workshop, May 
1-2-3 2009

Directed by Darren Doherty of Australia 
Felix Permaculture

According to research of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate 
Change), because of the phenomenon of the climatic change the effects on the 
climate of the Mediterranean zone, will include the progressive increase of the 
temperatures and increasingly prolonged droughts.

This workshop, wants to transmit Darren's extensive experience in areas of 
the world where these conditions are more common, to our regional context and to 
provide practical tools of verified efficacy, immediately applicable to real 

This case study has a 18Ha organic farm with a wide water catchment, which in 
the last 2 summers has suffered shortages in its water supply sources. We will 
focus on  the potential to capture and store rainwater to ensure supply during 
the driest months, but also on other aspects to consider when designing a farm 
guided by a global approach, such as Permaculture, Keyline Design and Holistic 

Target public
This workshop is aimed at everyone 
Interested in learning how to make the most from rain falling on thies land, 
roof, street,  to anyone interested in how to apply Permaculture  Design in a 
real case, to PDC graduates as a hands-on design follow up workshop  in order to 
learn how to analyze the landscape and create a holistic goals that guide our 
decision-making processes in sustainability issues.


Workshop program

Day 1  - Data Collation: Holistic Goal, Client Brief, Site Plans
   - Data Collation: Site Analysis, Catchment Analysis
Day 2  - Concept 
Planning: Water Systems, House Placement, Building Retrofit
Concept Planning: Earthworks, Landscaping, Vegetation Systems
Day 3  - Detail 
Planning: Site Design Master Plan, Element Design
            - Detail 
Planning: Timelines, Costings & Quantification

The course will be in English with translation to Spanish

160€/person if registration is made 
before April 15th
180€/person if later

Costs include: tuition, 3 organic vegetarian meals/day, accomodation (either 
own tent or in local houses in the area), course materials in digital format, 
translation (for spanish speaking partecipants) Payments can be made either by 
bank transfer to the following account: 

IBAN ES24 3025 0002 49 1433229657
Banck name: 
Caja de Ingenieros

Please state your name and “Fincas-Sequia" in the transfer 
"motivation/causal" field.

or via a postal money order to:

Antonio Scotti
Sardenya 515, entlo 4ª
08024 Barcelona, Spain

Info and registration
Tel. + 34 93 284 88 21
info AT permacultura-es.org

The course venue is in an organic farm 70 km. south 
of Barcelona in the town of Bonastre (Spain)
The organizers reserve the right to cancel the course in case of failure to 
achieve the minimum number of participants or other force majeure, in which case 
they will return the full amount of the paid fee (minus any bank transfer/postal 
charges which will have to be supported by the recipients themselves)

What to bring along
Sleeping bag, notebook, boots, thorns 
resisting trousers, pen-drive, energy, good mood, musical instruments...

Darren J. Doherty

Darren J. 
Doherty has extensive experience across the world in Permaculture project 
design, development & management. A career-long focus on the profitable 
retrofit of broadacre agricultural systems has seen Darren acclaimed as a 
pioneer in this important & often overlooked field. He is a Registered 
Teacher of The Permaculture Institute, a Certified Whole Farm Planner 
(University of Melbourne), Approved Keyline™ Designer, & Accredited 
Permaculture Trainer (APT™) & Certified in Workplace Training & 

Darren has been 
involved in the design & development of over 1300, mostly broadacre 
projects, across 5 continents, ranging from 110,000 acre ranches in Argentina to 
EcoVillage developments in Tasmania, to R&D Agroforestry & Education 
projects in Viet Nam and Family Farms across America & Oceania and more with 
a wide range of private, corporate, government & non-profit clients which 
has created an international reputation of achievement plus an enviable and 
expansive network that integrates many di

This course is organized by Asociación Cambium Permacultura en Formación



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