[permaculture] Colorado colloidal soft rock phosphate source?

Jody Troupe jodyt2 at mac.com
Tue Mar 3 18:46:36 EST 2009

Hello Johnathan-

I'm sorry I don't know of any in Colorado, but perhaps some of the  
info below will be helpful. I'm a member of the BrixTalk yahoo group  
which is VERY soft rock phosphate oriented, and through them I've  
gotten some of this info. I've been trying to put together a  
comprehensive list of sellers of SRP for a while, but its been sort of  

Jon, or whomever you speak with at International Ag Labs (IAL) should  
be helpful to speak with. IAL sells either Calphos or the Idaho SRP in  
50 lb. bags for $15 per bag. They also sell Idaho SRP in large tote  
bags for $300 per ton and they quote semi-loads delivered for $200-325  
per ton depending on the location and which source they pull from.

Thomas Giannou of T&J Enterprises out of Washington is on BrixTalk. He  
knows a lot about growing high-nutrient foods. Here is a quote from  
his comments when we were assembling the list of SRP carriers:

	"The calphos I sell is pelletized. It is actually a powdered form  
that has been prilled with bentonite (a type of zeolite clay.)
	As soon as it gets wet, it breaks down to the powder form. Prilled or  
pelletized products are sure a lot better than trying to
	spread a fine powder through a spreader. The lime and SRP are prilled  
using bentonite and the Gypsum and Planters II
	are prilled using molasses. I can furnish these products in truckload  
sizes, pallets, 50lb bags, and any size under 50lb bags."

California supplier that supposedly carries SRP, but doesn't list it  
on their site so I guess you'd have to call them. They do ship.

A source said Fertrell dealers did not have SRP. However, they carry  
something called 'Frostrell' ?? (not sure about the spelling, or name)  
and that it is as good as SRP. (That would be up to you to determine.)


Finally, if you can buy by the semi-load, you can try www.fertilizerbrokerage.com 
  and find out if they can source it closer to you.

If you find a closer source for you, I'd appreciate hearing about it.


On Mar 3, 2009, at 1:40 PM, Johnathan Yelenick wrote:

> Would anyone have any leads to Colorado (Denver) local sources of
> colloidal soft rock phosphate?
> We are using it in a broad acre fertility program this year.
> The only source I have been able to find is through Ohio Earth Foods  
> at
> http://www.ohioearthfood.com/ohioearthfood.htm
> Thanks,
> Johnathan Yelenick
> Blacktail Permaculture Cooperative
> South Platte River Bioregion
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