[permaculture] Sustainable Ag RSS feeds?

Rich Blaha rich at mossbackfarm.com
Mon Mar 2 13:41:21 EST 2009

Hello there

I'm not sure what Krista is looking for, but our farm blog covers food 
and politics, usually through a lens of sustainable grassfed beef production


I also don't see Krista's email address in the message...if she's not 
subscribed to the list, can someone subscribed to SANET forward these 
responses along?


Mossback Farm
Yamhill OR

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> Subject:	 Sustainable Ag RSS feeds?
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> Hello all,
> I am setting up a facebook fan page for our AgroEcology major, and was
> wondering if folks had suggestions for sustainable ag news feeds that would
> be good additions to the fan page.  I am still new to the fan page thing,
> and very new (like 5 minutes ago) to subscribing to RSS feeds.  I feel
> comfortable getting the technology end of it together, but would like to
> avoid wading through tons of feeds in search of good ones, so if y'all have
> thoughts on feeds they like I would be much obliged!
> If folks want to reply off-list, I would be happy to compile any responses
> and repost a summary to SANET.
> Thanks very much!
> Krista
> Krista Jacobsen, PhD
> Post Doctoral Scholar
> AgroEcology Program Recruiter
> Penn State University
> University Park, PA 16802

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