[permaculture] Come join me on EUSBA

Nora Kasanicka invitations at eusbba.ning.com
Mon Mar 2 09:19:50 EST 2009

EUSBA: european straw bale building association

Hello friends, strawbaling people of  EU have created their networking web. If you want to connect with people interested in SB building in EU or know other who would like to - please join us!

Click the link below to Join:

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Members already on EUSBA
Rachel Shiamh, Thomas Dimov, Jakub Wihan, Luc Floissac, Rene Dalmeijer


network of straw bale lovers, builders, professionals, producers a network made to keep in touch, to share, discuss and improve straw bale building construction all over europe

51 members
16 discussions


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