[permaculture] Why is permaculture more about selling books, DVDs and

Jeff Hine jhi at post.com
Wed Jun 24 16:18:52 EDT 2009

 This is a good point Paul. There are many ways the message is being
spread. I have not attended a pdc but desperately want to. I had kids a
bit late and am in the throws of family life, and still trying to make a
living under the old system. I am implementing many changes in the
landscaping around my house as I have time, money, energy. I am
personally very grateful to all the avenues for education that I have
been given, primarily the internet. I have just recently purchased Toby
Hemenway's book Gaia's Garden. It is my first book even though I have
been chomping at the permaculture bit for a year and a half, and has been
very good for me because I am a novice. But before that I read some of
his essays posted online for free, that were very important, as well as
many others. There is a wealth of information and videos available if you
have an internet connection. If I had writing skills and permaculture
education and experience I would write books. Surely that is better for
the environment and society then my current employment. (Let's just say
my life seems like a guilt trip) As far as open source eduction, giving
it away for free, I think there is room for that as well. I think it
would be great to put together an open source permaculture manual that
was re-edited every few years, why not? Perhaps the original poster would
like to help head up something like that? I would be happy to help with
layout and organization/editing. I do believe that there is always the
seed of the solution embedded in the problem, but not everyone sees that
there is a problem here. If it is a problem for you then the onus is on
you. Humbly how I see it. -Jeff

paul wheaton wrote:

    Now. Am I hearing Permaculturists saying : "Yeah, but I do not know what
    the solution is ?" If so, I wonder why you keep calling yourself a
    Permaculturist. It is hard for me to say that, but doesnt Permaculture
    says "The Problem is the Solution" ?

  I think things are perfectly lovely just the way they are.  Many facets of
  permaculture info are in a powerful growth mode.  Free stuff and pay stuff.
  Some folks are doing heaps of permaculture and not writing or doing
  workshops - good for them!   Lots of folks are doing heaps of permaculture
  and pushing it out onto the web for lots of people to read - good for them!
  Lots of folks are doing heaps of permaculture and teaching workshops and/or
  writing books - good for them!
  Lots of people are visiting farms, reading web pages, reading books and
  attending workshops - good for them!
  I'm having a hard time seeing that there is any problem in this space.

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