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Subject: [SANET-MG] Global potential for wind-generated electricity
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 17:51:55 -0400
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The development of  wind energy in Ontario has been  greatly  retarded
by 'environment' groups  who object to wind farms based on noise,
upsetting birds and other arcane considerations. Some such groups may be
driven by sugar daddies from the nuclear lobby who are competing for big

Xi Lu, Michael B. McElroy, and Juha Kiviluoma
Global potential for wind-generated electricity
PNAS published online before print June 22, 2009, open access

The potential of wind power as a global source of electricity is
assessed by using winds derived through assimilation of data from a
variety of meteorological sources. The analysis indicates that a network
of land-based 2.5-megawatt (MW) turbines restricted to nonforested,
ice-free, nonurban areas operating at as little as 20% of their rated
capacity could supply >40 times current worldwide consumption of
electricity, >5 times total global use of energy in all forms. Resources
in the contiguous United States, specifically in the central plain
states, could accommodate as much as 16 times total current demand for
electricity in the United States. Estimates are given also for
quantities of electricity that could be obtained by using a network of
3.6-MW turbines deployed in ocean waters with depths <200 m within 50
nautical miles (92.6 km) of closest coastlines.

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