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It reminds me of language pursuits bemoaning the changes to languages and trying to preserve a "pure language", which is to say?turning a living language into a non-living language frozen at moment in time.? I notice that new plants appear in our forest garden all the time. many are useful, but?a few are problematic. The hard part is being intelligent and experienced enough to know when to leave nature alone and when to intervene and push it in a direction we want it to go.


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I don't know if Toby is trying to reignite the fiery debate on invasive plants, 
but I would argue for a more balanced approach to the topic.? Saying that 
Douglas-fir is not native to Cascadia is to redefine the term.? It was there 
long before people were, as far as I've ever heard.
Also, making broad generalizations about plant succession is risky, whether 
invasive plants are involved (usually are) or not.? To say that invasive exotic 
plants do not displace natives without humun disturbance is to deny the chaotic 
and wondrous process of ecological succession.? Natives displace natives, so why 
can't exotic plants displace natives?? I see it frequently, without humun 
disturbance.? Sometimes, native plants displace exotic plants, too.? It's all a 

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