[permaculture] indigenous microorganisms

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Fri Jun 12 11:03:04 EDT 2009

Kaleopono wrote:
> I clicked the www.herbanafarms.com link and got page after page of ads, most
> completely unrelelated to permaculture.  I searched "indigenous
> microorganisms" and came up with zip.  Hotel in Hawaii, timeshare on Kauai,
> etc.  Is there a rule about this kind of thing on this list?

His site was up at one time and had lots of info and pics of his farm in the Phillipines.
He has written a number of very fine documents on indigenous microorganisms and usually distributes this material
to attendees of the workshops he offers. He did one in California at one time. Email Gil and ask him to send you
a copy. He may charge a small fee for it or maybe not.

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