[permaculture] Dogs in the Design

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I've had the same results with two PLA plastic cups.  They've survived a
cycle of hot compost and over a year in the chicken pen.

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> Yes, I have 3 "biodegradable" spoons that are indestructible and in use
> many months for hot & cold, thanks for the "year" testing info, helps me to
> be more determined not to buy "to go" cups etc, but to carry my own
> Trudie
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> .....If they can biodegrade it may not be in my lifetime and I do not feel
> like waiting those hundreds of years for it to happen. Like mom used to say
> "Garbage in. Garbage out." Follow the links back to the plastics
> manufacturers and what you'll find is a whole lotta bull backed by 14th
> Amendment "people" such as Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, Dow, and
> Monsanto.When you get to the process links and read the chemistry there it
> will be:petrochemical plastics.              Bryce Ruddock
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