[permaculture] Austin/San Antonio permaculturists?

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Hello Toby,
Monkey Wrench books, activist bookstore affiliated with many eco groups and education in the prisons groups, Brave New World, more politically to the left than I like to participate in but have proved to me that they are smart by having Cindy Sheehan speak, both in Austin.
Are you only speaking one day, the Fair lasts 3 days? I go each year, but it is with the students as chaperone and is on Saturday. You might find a bookstore in the region in or outside Fredericksburg. I sure wish you could get a student group interested in you, then you could speak on campus, look at the Liberal Arts website for a start. Or perhaps Austin Community College.
Wear a hat, bring your own containers and drink water all day long, wear light colored clothing. Fredericksburg and region are pretty nice in themselves and have some great fresh fruit you can buy while walking around, watch out and don't eat too much meat or rich food while in the heat. 
Monkey Wrench or Book Woman would be my choice. Book Woman (Cindy Sheehan spoke) of course focuses on women and I suppose women writers, but don't women writers contribute to this book?
There is another group called Third Coast, look at their website for info, excellent; and Robert Jensen who writes books, is an activist on pornography; journalistic coverage of facts; and other topics etc. and his website might have some hint for you on who would like to hear you speak. Best of luck and wish I could see you on Saturday, but....I'm just gonna have to read the book, right?
Trudie Redding
UT @ Austin
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I know there are a couple of people on this list from Austin and San 
Antonio, but I can't remember who. I'm going to be doing a keynote talk 
on Sept. 25 at the Renewable Energy Fair in Fredericksburg, TX, and am 
thinking of adding on a book-signing or two for the new edition of 
Gaia's Garden. If anyone knows of local bookstores in that part of Texas 
or some other venue that might want me to do a talk, would you contact 
me off-list? Thanks.

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