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Darren Doherty darren at permaculture.biz
Fri Jul 31 02:19:44 EDT 2009

Thanks for the note....I would be only too happy to help where I can (on
tour at the moment which is always a challenge!) though as Keith has rightly
pointed out google doesn't update often or at all it would seem for some
parts of the world....Also many of the sites we have worked on have poor
resolution or are split in half etc. In any case there is an emerging
collection of interesting (and developing!) images of our work.....I have a
lot more plans to put on my Picasa site as well but time and good internet
connections are often in short supply....

I can't speak for Geoff but of course he would probably have the same

Good idea though Taylor....

All the best,

Darren Doherty

2009/7/31 Keith D Johnson <keithdj at mindspring.com>

> Part of the problem with this idea is that google has not updated the views
> for many parts of the world and thus the images are often too old to show
> the latest changes to various sites.
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> >Anyone out there know of, or how to easily make, a Google earth tour of
> >large scale pc sites all over the world that show key line designs, large
> >swales, ponds, food forests, etc. Someone who has GPS coordinates or
> >addresses of many large sites (geoff lawton, darren doherty etc) could
> throw
> >this together in a half hour with all the info handy. This could be a very
> >useful tool for teachers and students alike. It can be made into a you
> tube
> >video, music video, shown interactivley and as a guide for people who
> >actually want to travel to these places, I know it may be an invasion of
> >privacy for some but there must be a few folks with large sites that can
> be
> >seen well on google earth that want to share the work they have done with
> >others. Just a thought. Taylor
> >
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