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Wed Jul 29 21:51:43 EDT 2009

Hi Lawrence,

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 12:29 PM, Lawrence F. London,
Jr.<lflj at intrex.net> wrote:
> Good things about India:


For 7000 years humans have been growing food on the banks of the
ganges that feeds one in every 10 people on earth. They have developed
(blind?) practices over these long years and reached a level of
stability that only very few other civilisations could afford. For
instance, they all always grow ducks, when they irrigate the paddy
fields they also let the ducks run lose into the fields (now with
water). Ducks catch fish from the river that have strayed in which
would anyway die off. They will also turn pests into manure to allow
anaerobic decomposition inside water. If you asked them why they do
it, they don't know - but the advantages are obvious!


> I think I will start trying to see if I can avoid buying any Chinese imported products.
> The Chinese have made whores out of greedy American businessmen reaping huge windfall profits off imported Chinese goods
> while human rights abuses continue in Tibet, Uighur, China. You'd think they would notice or maybe even care
> or possibly boycott them.

Corporations don't care about ethics. Remember that its the same IBM
that is part of America's big economy that built the computer system
for "processing" jews in the periods of Nazi germany. Corporations are
legally like people, except laws of ethics don't really apply to them.
They can pollute and pay a fine later or fire the 'bad decision'
person off and continue doing whatever it has been doing.


"The Greatest Shortcoming of the Human Race is
our Inability to Understand the Exponential Function"
Dr. Albert Bartlett

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