[permaculture] I Pwn You

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Wed Jul 29 02:59:24 EDT 2009

Suraj Kumar wrote:

Hello from Chapel Hill, NC, USA, Suraj:

You seem to have described a turnkey system well developed in India that is
being widely adopted and implemented by other aggressive countries wherever they can
throughout the globe. There is hope for improvement, though.

Good things about India:

ayurvedic medicine

classical Indian music (Ravi Shankar, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and many others)

the Ajanta caves and Ellora

Meher Baba - there are many followers of his philosophy throughout the world,
especially in the USA and India

I heard Ravi Shankar in concert at UNC back in the 1960's, Kahn too if I remember correctly

the paintings in the Ajanta caves are some of the most amazing artworks ever created

Check these out:

Tibet: "Beijing 10" return to USA; new Tibet docu "Leaving Fear Behind." - Boing Boing

Tibetan documentary filmmaker faces trial in eastern Tibet for "inciting separatism." - Boing Boing

I think I will start trying to see if I can avoid buying any Chinese imported products.
The Chinese have made whores out of greedy American businessmen reaping huge windfall profits off imported Chinese goods
while human rights abuses continue in Tibet, Uighur, China. You'd think they would notice or maybe even care
or possibly boycott them.


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