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This seems to be about implementation of the Indo-US Knowledge Initiative
on Agricultural Education, Research, Services and Commercial Linkages (KIA
or sometimes AKI), which was signed by dr. Manmohan Singh (as a prime
minister of indian government) with the president of USA in 2007 all
together with the Indo-US nuclear deal.

Why not demand immediate stop for implementation of such flaw and share
another kind of experience?

Ossi Kakko, Finland

PS. some linkage

actual bill:


and about KIA

with critique from Indian centre for sustainable agriculture:




> I'm from India and I thought this would be
> interesting/shocking/sick/useful news to people here.
> News#1:
> The south indian state of Tamil Nadu has recently passed a bill in the
> TN Assembly that prevents anybody without a specific type of
> "Agricultural degree" from providing agricultural consultancy. Breach
> of law can result in Rs.10,000/- fine and/or upto 6 months of
> imprisonment... and guess who shapes the course material? The World
> Bank (which sure has well intending, purely humanitarian, non-profit
> goals the only problem is, the means to achieve those goals are
> dictated by people who've been doing some ping-pong from
> Mega-Corporations to such bodies).
> News#2:
> TN's neighbouring state: Andhra Pradesh, now has government backed
> "Co-operatives" which will function to solve the "ultimate problem" of
> inefficiencies due to duplication of effort and wasted resources. IOW,
> if a hundred different farmers produce compost, there will tend to be
> a bell-curve shaped inefficiency pattern where only some 20% will be
> good while the majority will be producing 'average quality' stuff.
> So... they say "this should be done centrally". Of course, you get a
> more accurate picture when I mention that they will use "emerging
> technologies" like "Biotech". The icing on the cake is this: The
> farmers are encouraged to sell their land to the "members of the
> co-operative" whose job is to make these farms more centralised,
> planned and efficient. The farmers in turn get paper "shares" and can
> be worry free for the rest of their lives for afterall, the shares
> will perpetually keep growing by a specific percent, wouldn't it?. If
> unwilling (who is unwilling? The co-operative isn't willing to buy?
> the farmer isn't willing to sell? I don't know), the government will
> buy the land at "standard market rates".
> Like someone says in a famous movie: "This country is going straight to
> hell!".
>   -Suraj
> References:
> 1.
> http://devinder-sharma.blogspot.com/2009/07/tamil-nadu-introduces-draconian-bill-to.html
> 2. http://www.thehindu.com/2009/07/27/stories/2009072752250300.htm
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