[permaculture] three ethics or four?

Suraj Kumar suraj at sunson.in
Tue Jul 28 01:27:23 EDT 2009

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 10:12 PM, T Remiarz<tomasremiarz at cooptel.net> wrote:
> to meaningfully discuss and set limits requires much more detail than just
> overall population figures and consumption. carrying capacity is subject
> to a nmber of variables - overall population number and consumption is a
> very coarse approximation. individual consumption and its distribution is
> as important, and do is efficiency of resource use. furthermore,
> carrying capacity varies greatly between different regions depending on
> climate and so on, and the flow of resources between regions (i.e.
> exploitation of the majority world by the rich) further blurs the picture.
> we can't afford to be lazy thinkers on this subject, so please more input!

This is an interesting thread!

As I see it, the root-cause of this evil is centralized banking. In
this system "Capital" is any resource that is needed by humans.
Unfortunately there is no clear definition of 'needs'. Those who have
more money can meet their needs and keep expanding the territories of
'needs' deep into the realm of 'desires'.

Unfortunately, there is no kind of 'capital' other than human labour
which is not derived from the earth. I'd even go so far to argue that
even human labour ultimately comes from energy from food. This very
connection of humans to earth is the most important point to be made -
I don't know how succintly, but there is one way I've decided to
follow and I'm going to explain that here.

Every penny used is an encouragement to this System to allow these
little green pieces of paper to thrive. In this system of consumption,
at the bottom most fundamental layer is the earth which we transform
into 'products' for consumption. A car is not made up of anything
other than stuff that comes out of this planet - the metal, the
plastics, the leather - everything is from Earth.

The only thing one needs to consume is more of these centralized-bank
printed currency notes.Funnily, to get those currency notes, we work
and help this whole system in some way or the other.

So one thing I've decided to do is to march towards meeting all my
needs myself. In the process, one also needs to critically question
the nature of one's needs and try to find alternatives that can be
contrapted by oneself or learn to live without those needs (ex: my
work place is 20 KMs from my home and I can't definitely walk all the
20 KMs - either I choose to find a job near home or I must not depend
on what my work provides me (money)). The day I know I can meet most
of my needs myself, I can do nothing anymore and just be. Maybe I can
then on use my time in doing more productive things.

But it is very vital that we end money. Some of my friends say "Money
will end itself soon". I agree that it is quite likely to happen. My
question really is "How soon?"  and can we afford to wait until then?
What will we be engaging ourselves in while this system exists? Anyway
we all have to move the permaculture way sooner or later. Why not now?


"The Greatest Shortcoming of the Human Race is
our Inability to Understand the Exponential Function"
Dr. Albert Bartlett

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