[permaculture] three ethics or four?

T Remiarz tomasremiarz at cooptel.net
Mon Jul 27 12:42:53 EDT 2009

> Rain Tenaqiya <raincascadia at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I advocate a third ethic which combines the following:
>> 1. limit population and consumption
>> 2. create a surplus
>> 3. share (redistribute) the surplus
>> Can anyone think of a succinct way to say this?
>> Rain

i like   "living within limits" which i first heard from angus soutar in
northern england.

to meaningfully discuss and set limits requires much more detail than just
overall population figures and consumption. carrying capacity is subject
to a nmber of variables - overall population number and consumption is a
very coarse approximation. individual consumption and its distribution is
as important, and do is efficiency of resource use. furthermore,
carrying capacity varies greatly between different regions depending on
climate and so on, and the flow of resources between regions (i.e.
exploitation of the majority world by the rich) further blurs the picture.
we can't afford to be lazy thinkers on this subject, so please more input!

in my opinion, it would help to present "fair share" (redistributing
surplus) as a separate ethic.
if we capped reource use at the top end (let's say we could start with
those who consume over ten times their one-planet footprint and work our
way down from there) we might find there is enough space for all of us on
this planet. this is how limits and surplus redistribution are linked.

> Put an end to capitalism!

that would be a good start.



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