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I wanted to share this relevant information with you and the listserv--

The National Peace Corps Association has just launched Africa Rural Connect and wants you to know about this 
unprecedented global online collaboration. You can use your experiences, research, and studies to formulate the most 
creative and practical plans for Africa's agricultural development at www.AfricaRuralConnect.org 
<http://www.africaruralconnect.org/>  and win cash prizes each month.

Work together with the African Diaspora, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and others who have lived or worked in Africa. 
  We believe that collaboration will bring about the greatest ideas for change.

Go to www.AfricaRuralConnect.org <http://www.africaruralconnect.org/>  to share your plan now - even if it's just the 
seed of an idea.  You could win one of the monthly $3,000 prizes for the best idea, or the $20,000 grand prize to help 
implement your idea.

See you online!

Molly Mattessich (RPCV Mali '02-'04)
Manager, Africa Rural Connect

P.S. You're essential to helping ensure we get good ideas for Africa. Please spread the word by forwarding this email to 
your fellow students, colleagues and friends. We need experience from a wide range of skill-sets to build the best ideas.

Thank You

Lissan Anfune
Africa Rural Connect Project Assistant
National Peace Corps Association
Washington, DC 20036
202-293-7728 ext 13

Bring your best ideas for Africa!
Sign up now at www.AfricaRuralConnect.org

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