[permaculture] Lowered Course Fee and 10% OFF on 3-Week PDC and Yoga Immersion with Julia and Charles Yelton

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Thu Jul 23 09:47:18 EDT 2009

Hi everyone -

Thanks now to the generosity and inspired dedication of the Sivananda ashram
and our instructors, we're offering a lower course fee for folks who will
tent on the property and a few different ways to get an additional 10%
offof course fees by supporting related non-profits. Take a look...

Many thanks for everyone's good work.




*SUBJECT: 3-Week Permaculture Certification and Yoga Immersion / Aug 9 - 30,

*                10% OFF for supporting a great non-profit!  *



with daily Yoga and meditation practice at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch in
Woodbourne, NY

with Julia and Charles Yelton, Michael Judd, and guests

*Learn practical skills for cultivating peace of mind and living
sustainably. *

***Observe and learn to work with patterns in nature from a place of balance
and center. *

*Integrate self-care and Earthcare.*


'Yoga' means 'union.' While Yoga practice unites individual consciousness
with Universal Consciousness, Permaculture integrates humanity with nature.
It is a fast-growing world-wide movement that offers a whole-systems
perspective and practical solutions to major ecological and social justice
challenges. Both approaches ask us to observe and interact with the world
consciously and with care.

*Topics covered* in the internationally-recognized Permaculture Design
Certification curriculum include: Permaculture design ethics and principles;
soils, composting and soil rehabilitation; water conservation, storage and
grey-water systems; food systems, four-season gardening, edible food
forestry; alternative energy systems and building techniques; mapping,
topography, property design, project management, and more.

*Program Highlights*

* World-class permaculture teachers with both regional and international

* Yoga immersion in a unique ashram setting

* Daily Yoga, Meditation, and Kirtan

* Organic Vegetarian Meals

* 120+ hrs of permaculture instruction

* Significant Hands-on Project components

* Beautiful 77-acre site in the Catskill Mountains

All are welcome! - No experience with permaculture or yoga is necessary.


*Primary instructors Julia and Charles Yelton *have been traveling, teaching
and living Permaculture for the last 18 years. They have developed and
implemented numerous affordable and sustainable development projects around
the world and were named Still Water Research Fellows by the University of
Maine, Orono in 2007and 2008, among many other accomplishments. They
continue to teach and design Permaculture systems worldwide and
are Co-Directors of the Permaculture Education Center at the New Forest
Institute in Brooks, Maine and founders of the International Sustainable
Living Center at in Caccamo, Sicily (Italy).

*COURSE FEES (for 3 week intensive) : *

$1800 *including* tuition and accommodations.

Accommodations include: yoga and meditation instruction daily, delicious
organic vegetarian meals, tent camping with access to bathrooms/showers (you
bring the tent), access to the land, trails, and Russian-style wood-burning
sauna. *Additional fees apply for indoor lodging.


GET 10% OFF course fees - for supporting a yoga or permaculture non-profit
with an annual membership!

   - Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch and Sivananda Yoga Vedanta
Centers<yogaranch at sivananda.org>
   - Green Yoga Association <http://bit.ly/x1Ru1>
   - Green Phoenix Permaculture <http://bit.ly/it2Ne>


Call Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch at 845-436-6492, email *
permaculture at sivananda.org or visit us on the web <http://bit.ly/oUXNl>.*

See inspiring videos and articles about 'Permaculture and Yoga'

View the gallery for the Yeltons' current work at Newforest

Please register by August 4, 2009



*ALSO _ SAVE THE DATES!* AUG 29/30 folks are invited join the Yeltons,
Michael Judd, and the PDC students for design presentations and festivities.
AUG 22 - folks are invited to join in for free instruction and to lend a
hand for various hands-on projects around the site, including earthbag
construction and other, TBD. Contact permaculture at sivananda.org if you're
interested. All are welcome to participate, at no cost, and stay for yoga
class and satsang. We ask that you cover the cost of food and lodging if you
join us for meals or stay overnight.

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