[permaculture] encouraging garter snakes as slug control

woody~debris woodydebris at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 15:52:54 EDT 2009

Think like a garter snake: they need mesic habitat (e.g. a pond), tangled
brush piles and berry brambles to hide in, warm open sunny spots to bask
adjacent to the pond and the brush piles (for a quick escape). Vacant rodent
holes are good for snake dens too.

Some garter snakes gather in communal hibernacula during the winter- big
toroporous snake slumber parties in rock clefts.  I'm not sure how you go
about creating the right conditions for a snake hibernaculum or if you'd
want to- I've seen photos of many thousands of garter snakes sharing a
single hibernaculum.

Snakes need peace and to be left alone too. If you have nature-oriented
kids, the snake will likely flee from being overly loved. No snake in my
childhood backyard stuck around for very long.

If you live in a suburban habitat rich with subsidized meso-predators like
raccoons and the neighbor's cat- there's a good chance your snake habitat
will remain vacant.

just some thoughts on garter snakes...

...though I wouldn't even dare try to control a slug :)


On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 2:37 PM, paul wheaton <paul at richsoil.com> wrote:

> Somebody brought up a rather fascinating solution for slug control and
> I thought a little cross pollination would be good!
> http://www.permies.com/permaculture-forums/1947_0/critter-care/garter-snakes
> So the question is:  how does one make good garter snake habitat?
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