[permaculture] 2009 Financial permaculture summit

Robert Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
Mon Jul 20 11:29:01 EDT 2009

Below is information about the 2009 Financial 
Permaculture Summit in Hohenwald Tennessee, Sept 
22-26, 2009.  Additional info (registration, 
housing etc) is at 
http://www.financialpermaculture.com ..

Bob Waldrop, OKC

Learn How to

*Map the financial ecosystem of a community
*Apply permaculture principles to business design
*Design, start and finance a regenerative business
*Create ecological and socially responsible 
investment opportunities

Topics & Activities Include

*Permaculture Design
*Legal Structures
*Business and Financial plans
* Design Charrettes - to create green enterprises 
and local, Resilient economies
*Learn effective strategies of communicate and 
    - Across Cultures
    - Across Disciplines
    - Across Generations

The 2009 Financial Permaculture summit will be 
September 22-26, 2009, in Hohenwald, TN (which is 
close to Nashville).  It is hosted by the Center 
for Holistic Ecology, in association with Gaia 
University, Solari Inc, Ecovillage Training 
Center, Living Mandala, Global Village Institute, 
the Leadership School, and the Oklahoma Food 

Speakers/facilitators include Catherine Austin 
Fitts, Andy Langford, Liora Adler, Albert Bates, 
Jennifer Dauksha-English, Greg Landua, Valerie 
Seitz, Ethan C. Roland, Jonathan Cloud, Carolyn A. 
Betts, Robert Waldrop.

Join community investment experts, permaculture 
designers and sustainability entrepreneurs for 
this dynamic gathering and integrative educational 
experience of Greening an American Community. 
Learn valuable tools and skills in real life 
scenarios to address the economic and 
environmental challenges of 21st century America. 
In this real-time Green Business Development 
Summit we will explore creating forward looking 
sustainable businesses, money cycling, local 
investments, and optimizing the local natural and 
human resources to implement models of 
regenerative business and local sustainability.

Get access to information about new business 
models, key industries, design solutions, and 
green investment opportunities that are 
ecologically and socially responsible as well as 
economically profitable.  This workshop is a 
participatory, hands-on experience and design 
charrette to explore implementing regenerative 
economic models and applying them to create real, 
actionable business plans and investment 
opportunities for a zero-waste economy in the 
small town of Hohenwald, Tennessee.

Join a diverse crowd of local and national leaders 
including small business owners, city council 
members, financial advisors, permaculture 
designers, investors, accountants, construction 
workers, philanthropists, local officials, 
students and more as we come together for this 
real-time Green Business Development Summit to 
create solid businesses solutions and tangible 
investment opportunities to empower robust local 
responses to the challenges faced by communities 
around the country and planet.

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