[permaculture] on the Ethics

Jordan Fink jordan at riseup.net
Sun Jul 19 20:24:04 EDT 2009

I think i may have a different sense of the ethics than some folks.

I see them as a clear set of instructions on how to behavior rather than
separate rules.

I go to a piece of land. First i:
1. care for the earth: make the system flourish
this includes all the other species.

once the system is established, then you use it's abundance to:
2. care for people

one the people have been cared for you:
3. redistribute the surplus.
which means that you reinvest back in the land, to improve it even more,
to improve the care of people, etc. etc.

whenever i am working on any system: an organization, a community, a
garden, etc i look to the system first and care for it before i try to
take care of the people. Then i care for the people involved (including
myself) and then i take everything that's left and all surplus not
consummed and all available extra labor, and i reinvest that back into the

seems pretty straightforward to me.

-jordan fink

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