[permaculture] GEET technology

Jody Troupe jodyt2 at mac.com
Sat Jul 18 19:54:17 EDT 2009

Hello Permies-

Is anyone here interested in GEET technology? I thought the subject  
might apply to the permaculture group since it deals with alternative  
energy sources and sustainability. Claims are that an engine with a  
fully functional GEET (which replaced the standard carburetor) creates  
no pollution.

For anyone who is interested, the inventor Paul Pantone will be giving  
classes 1 week a month, this Aug. thru Nov.
Here is his description of the class:

	"Monday & Tuesday are classroom time. I go over the Discoveries that  
have been
	made and show how they interact and what we have learned as to why  
and how.

	Then we go through building a GEET and installing it onto an engine.   
We demonstrate
	right and wrong so you can understand quickly if something is wrong,  
you need to know
	why, and how to correct it.

	"We will finish the week off with different applications of GEET to  
furnaces, boilers, diesel,
	and fuel manufacturing, similar to making your own Propane/natural  
gas substitute."

I'm not connected to this in anyway. I just thought the topic might  
interest this group.

If anyone wants more info, here is his email address.
paul.pantone at yahoo.com


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