[permaculture] 3. Re: What happened to the third ethic? (Scott Pittman)

Permaculture Cooperative permaculturecoop at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 16:09:13 EDT 2009

the lesson from Mondragon, so far, is that democratic debate is central to
the process, and that although Mondragon operates as a single successful
system it is internally very lively and animated with all sorts of
discussion... they confront problems front on, democratically with one
person, one vote
"participatory democracy" may have been coined by Tom Hayden but
participation in democracy was not invented by the SDS or the New Left, and
nowadays the practice of democracy is really most active in the South;
Bolivia, Brazil etc.. the USA functions more as a Failed State, the Obama
presidency is Failed State 2.0

in my bombastic view, the current social movements eclipse that brief period
of the 60s and 70s social revolution, it was years after the start the
Vietnam war before a protest movement had started, with Iraq, there where
massive global protests BEFORE the war

in 2009 Permaculture is a constellation of shifting coalitions who rarely
operate in coordination and clearly do integrate socially and economically

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