[permaculture] Permaculture Visions' online PDC?

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I'll be upfront and proclaim my bias immediately. I took the Permaculture Visions course and was quite pleased with it. 

The distance-learning, although frowned upon by some in the movement, allows the student to tailor their homework to be specific to their bioregion. There was no timeline or deadlines so the course was flexible for working folks, parents, students, etc. Comparing it financially to similar courses, it was also easier for low-income and working class individuals. 

Also, April's approach was to place the responsibility squarely in the student's lap, and not have them simply repeat/rely on what she has to say. This was very empowering. I found that after sending in my work, I would receive questions (ranging from aspects I might have overlooked to thought-provoking queries designed to make me look deeper) that often made me consider angles I otherwise wouldn't have.

Furthermore, if anyone is interested I believe there is an option to have a sample chapter sent to them. 

Feel free to pass on my contact info if anyone desires further testimony. 

-Roman Shapla
Children's PEACE Guild

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Subject: [permaculture] Permaculture Visions' online PDC?

A correspondent recently wrote me to inquire whether I would recommend 
Permaculture Visions' online PDC? I have heard little about it and 
didn't feel qualified to vote yea or nay. Any personal experience out 
there or feedback about the quality of the course?
They've been doing this since '93 (although their website looks like it 
hasn't been updated much since then and has a fair number of typos and 
broken links) suggesting some degree of success (though I'd like to read 
more than the ONE(!) testimonial from Bob Ewing). They also claim to 
have students in 34 countries but I haven't heard much about or from any 
of them. Please speak up if you have experience pro or con. If the 
program IS good it deserves further promotion. If not, then we should know.


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