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Mondragon, Basque, liberation, cooperatives and
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[image: 600px-Map-of-human-migrations.jpg]  **

*The Basque are demonstrating that for true sovereignty, sustainability,
liberation and permanent culture (and permanent agriculture) a highly
organised cooperative social and economic system must create resilience and


We are in Basque Country researching both the ELB and the Mondragon
Cooperatives in order to establish a global permaculture cooperative.

The Basque Country is a nation spread across provinces in Spain and France
with a unique language unrelated to any other. Basque are thought to be
remnants of pre-Indo-European’s with mitochondrial
8Ua <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_U_%28mtDNA%29#Haplogroup_U8>)
suggesting they are the aboriginals of Europe, perhaps without lineage to
Africa and originating from West Asia.

Basque have lived in north-west Spain and south-west France, in the Bay of
Biscay and Atlantic Pyrennes, since before that last Ice and continue to
struggle for liberation and sovereignty by all means.

Some Basques include St Francis Xavier, Loyola (founder of the Jesuits),
Simon Bolivar, Che Guevaria and Father José María Arizmendiarrieta
Madariaga. *


Basque culture is maintained by a fierce independence that depends on
language and institutions; industrial and agricultural.

In the Spanish industrial regions around Mondragon we have the Mongragon
Cooperative Corporation, the global worker-cooperative founded by the
Catholic priest José María Arizmendiarrieta Madariaga.

In rural Pay Basque (French Basque) we have the ELB or the Basque French
Peasants Union (affiliated with Via Campesina).

Both Basque projects are organising socially, economically, culturally and
most importantly, politically to create a system that can permanently
sustain a democract and independent life.

The current invasion and threat to be resisted is not the Romans,
Visigoths, Fascists etc
It is the economic imperialism of a globalised capital via the modern
corporation; finance capitalism, speculation, financialisation, outsourcing,
automation, transportation, genetic modification, intellectual property,
marketing and advertising. A system largely organised by US corporations.

The Mondragon Cooperative Corporation is an example of a humane and social
response to the realities of industralisation and automation.

The ELB is a more recent project that is fighting for food sovereignty for
Basque farmers and community members.

In a world being destroyed by European imperialism, with the US empire the
latest and most dangerous example, the Basque experience is doing much to
demonstrate that it is possible to humanise and advance the organisation of
the industrial and agricultural systems.

The Basque experiences demonstrates that for democracy and sustainability a
highly organised social and economic system must be accompanied by political
struggle, education and permanent living culture.

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