[permaculture] What happened to the third ethic?

Scott Pittman scott at permaculture.org
Thu Jul 16 15:54:40 EDT 2009

It's a little to take this seriously when there are so many contradictory
statement, so much bombast, and so little "care of people".

Fair share doesn't sound "commie" to me but, rather, way simplistic, unlike
the hippies with all of their clarity when positing an ethical life
position. All of the so called hippies I know were busy ending segregation
and the war in Vietnam while writing such democratic documents as the Port
Huron Statement.   

I think that the kind of permaculture fragmentation you are encouraging with
your diatribes are nicely countered by the solidarity of the members of the
Mondragon Cooperative system. I should hope you come away from you meeting
with a new commitment to cooperate rather than unleashing your anger in
civil conversations.  This kind of "lock and load" attitude is counter
productive and pointless.

Scott Pittman
Permaculture Institute

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in my view the ideal 3 permaculture ethics; Earth Care, People Care and Fair
Share are clear
the actually existing permaculture ethics, especially the Fair Share became
a victim to a dominant, neo-liberal, hyper-competitive "survival of the
fittest" "free-market culture"... Fair Share sounded Commie and hence there
was all sorts of backflips, juggling, and other party tricks to distract
from the obvious grotesque inequality, inequity... the abominable global and
local injustice of the economic, social and political Washington Consensus

it didn't help that Mollison and the hippies largely detached themselves
from political activism after the late 60s and early 70s and so now are
largely unaware and unaffiliated with Via Campesina, the world wide peasant
union, with millions of members http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Via_Campesina

most importantly Permaculture as an institution has not progressed past a
very loose collection of often competing teachers, designers, schools and
some businesses (and cooperatives?)...

in the 1983 audio of Mollison giving a PDC he talks a lot about Mondragon
Cooperative http://www.permacultureplants.net/Audio/pdc83.htm and and the
cooperative social, economic and industrial system run in the Basque Country
of Spain... along with Commonwork and Ethical Investment he makes it very
clear that this is Mondragon how permaculture will produce Fair Share... he
ends with "and I think I will go to Monragon and have a talk"... as far as I
know, he never did

without an organised social and economic cooperative system permaculture is
a fragmented collection of individuals and loose networks... it has none of
the highly organised economic and social capacity of Mondragon or in fact
any cooperative system

we are meeting professors and representatives from Mondragon in the morning
to discuss a global sustainability cooperative, with reference to a
permaculture worker cooperative.. if anyone has any questions they would
like asked, please email us

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