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christopher nesbitt christopher.nesbitt at mmrfbz.org
Thu Jul 16 11:17:28 EDT 2009

Hi Chris,

We have done four annual PDCs in Belize, and try to have a good mix of  
local and international students. We have received funding for  
training local students from Protected Area Conservation Trust.

We have trained seven extension officers from Belize's Ministry of  
Agriculture, six farmers and twelve extension officers from local and  
international NGOs and local producer groups. This has yet to  
materialize into a policy change in agriculture, but it has been  
thought provoking.

This year we had students from Trinidad and Mexico attend the PDC,  
local students from the district, and students from US, UK and Canada.  
It was a very good course. Following that we had a group of 15 farmers  
from neighboring Guatemala, and they are coming back for a two week  
internship, which will focus on permaculture practices, which really  
do apply well to subsistence farmers in the lowland humid tropics.

We also got funding from UNDP this year for a course on photovoltaic  
design and installation.

I see permaculture gaining ground, especially if we can promote it on  
more scientific levels, with sound reasoning, atoms, molecules, cause  
and effect, quantifiable tangibles, pointing to the increased  
efficiency and fostering of food security, and less of the purple  
breathing cultural acquisition (or interpretation and projections) of  
paradigms and cosmology of indigenous people that indigenous people  
themselves often do not have, which has marginalized permaculture in  
development circles as being "hippy farming".

Best wishes,


On Jul 16, 2009, at 12:48 AM, Chris Wardle wrote:

> I'm conscious that there are a lot of good local NGOs incorporating
> permaculture into their activities and the existence of education  
> programmes
> in relation to this topic.
> However, I was wondering if list members point me to any evidence of
> permaculture being taken up and implemented by INGOs, UN agencies,  
> or at a
> policy level by Governments and line ministries?
> Thanks in anticipation,
> Chris Wardle.
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