[permaculture] Crops, ponds destroyed in quest for food safety

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More proof that the entire industrial food chain will never get it right. Locally sourced food is the only answer. Even organic foodstore chains work through large distributors and ship food long distances.? Larger corporations always have lawyers, and lawyers will usually disregard reality and advice the corporations to do stupid things to reduce perceived liability.? This is a quest for reduced liability not a quest for food safety.

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Subject: [permaculture] Crops, ponds destroyed in quest for food safety

Crops, ponds destroyed in quest for food safety
"(07-13) 04:00 PDT Washington -- Dick Peixoto planted hedges of fennel and 
flowering cilantro around his organic 
vegetable fields in the Pajaro Valley near Watsonville to harbor beneficial 
insects, an alternative to pesticides.
He has since ripped out such plants in the name of food safety, because his big 
customers demand sterile buffers around 
his crops. No vegetation. No water. No wildlife of any kind."
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