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this is a massive hole in the independent organic grocer market in
Australia, Macro Foods being bought-out by Woolworths
Nicholas Roberts
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 *Hello welcome to this edition of The Mullumaction Newsletter .. *
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>From Victor von der Heyde, of Lane Cove, Sydney

Macro is, or was until recently, a big wholefoods and organic food chain
with nine stores or sites in Sydney and Melbourne. They were large stores,
had just organic fruit and veg and organic food cafes as part of the store.
Sadly Woolworths has bought eight of the nine stores, the stores are closing
this month (July) and will be reopened by Woolworths under their Thomas Dux
Grocer brand. It appears it's a move by Woolworths to simply buy out the
competition. What this means is that all the organic food cafes will be
closed and the offering of organic fruit and veg will be greatly reduced.
The Thomas Dux stores have a very small section of organic food and a large
section of non-organic fruit and veg. For people in many parts of Sydney,
where the Macro started, there will simply be less on offer in terms of good
organic fruit and veg.

The sale was said to be in the order of 30 million dollars and was subject
to approval by the ACCC. The Australian Consumers Association put in a
submission to the ACCC (see http://www.choice.com.au/files/f134967.pdf)
saying that the buyout would lead to less consumer choice but the sale was
still approved.

I practical terms, because Thomas Dux has some organic and lots of
non-organic, their policy is to put very large stickers on the organic food.
These stickers hold to the fruit very well but they're hard to get off and
they leave glue on the fruit which is resistant to ordinary detergent and
needs to be removed by heavy duty cleaners like Shellite, Dry Cleaning
Fluid, sticky spot remover or bathroom cleaners.

On another note, in Lane Cove because of Woolworths most recent attempt to
change its DA to give it a more prominent profile in the shopping precinct,
it has been headlined in the local paper as "The Fresh Feud People" (see

Thanks Victor for the info. Other contributors are welcome to send news via
the website.
In Canada I believe the fruit stickers have to be edible. That"s a campaign
we could have!

BUNDANOON BOTTLED WATER BAN *has reached USA and Reuters – see article on
http://www.mullumaction.org. Manly in Sydney has filtered water available on
tap – it would be great to have this in Mullumbimby and Byron Bay. Who"d
like to orgainise that campaign?

BLUESFEST AT TYAGARAH: *apparently the DA will be going in to council soon.
If the Bluesfest goes ahead at Tyagarah, Mullumbimby is the closest town and
will be heavily impacted. This newsletter could be a forum for discussion
about this event – please send in your comments via our website. Rumour has
it that the local papers have been threatened with withdrawal of advertising
if they comment.

MULLUM COMMUNITY GARDENS: G*eoff Lawton and his Permaculture Research
Institute crew will be at the Mullumbimby Community Garden site on Wednesday
15th July, 1pm to peg out contours and site works. All welcome. Jeannette:

Lunn has spent 9 years traveling around the world; Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia,
Canadian Arctic, Latin American, Eastern Africa, Ethiopia. He is now riding
his bike from Melbourne to Brisbane and giving talks on the way – stopping
in Byron tomorrow Tues 14 July 5.30 – 7 pm for an educational and fun
presentation. Emission free! See http://www.youtube.com/gppdarcy for more
info 0428 416 765 http://www.globalpovertyproject.com

LOCAL FOOD CO*-OP MEETING also tomorrow - at 6.30 pm at 1/1 Acacia St Byron
Arts and Industrial Estate. Contact: Techa Beaumont (techa at kulchajam.org)

QUOTE: *"Many, many years ago, culture was ours. Bit by bit we lost control
of our own culture, and suddenly corporations are doing all the talking.
They"re telling all the stories. And bit by bit, the whole of our media
culture has become one large advertisement for a lifestyle of consumption.
And now the big job ahead is to start telling our own stories again, to get
dominion back over our culture. Kalle Lasn, Editor of Adbusters. Quoted in
Naked Ape to Superspecies: David Suzuki and Holly Dressel 1999.


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