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Here at my educational garden center, I champion a product for home vermi-composting, Can o' Worms (I keep two going all year long myself)...their recommendation is red wiggler species and when you read about this particular worm, you will find that these worms have one prime directive...eat organic matter....and "cast" out composted organic matter.  Many other varieties are "aeration" worms..in that they live below ground and come to the surface for food and then return to their tunnels to eat and "cast".  RW's live above ground.  I would suggest you investigate the species and it will make more sense.  

Now....the reason I mentioned they would not survive my winter was both informational for those who live in zones 3 and 2... and because we have no indigenous worms up here in the Northern Highland Forest and so wouldn't want to introduce a species that isn't native to the area that might survive to raise even more upheaval to our fragile under story.  The non-native Canadian nigh crawlers and red worms are already raising havoc up here.  

Hope that helps...but definitely check out Will's Growing Power website with the video of him talking about his vermi-composting efforts..love and peace..lynnann

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I guess I am missing something.? Why would I want to use a species that dies back every winter if other more hardy species are available?
John Fritz, NW Arkansas.

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heya all, please do check out Will Allen and Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI..? 

He's the compost King and uses vermicomposting (as do I) to create the best growing soil possible.? We use red wigglers, as they are not hardy and die in the winter.? So...obviously, I say add red wigglers..Growing Power sells them and will ship anywhere I believe.

I had the honor to take his composting workshop, taught by him, and he's an amazing fellow.? check him out...love and peace...lynnann

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