[permaculture] 3-Week Permaculture Certification and Yoga Immersion / Aug 9 - 30, 2009 / Woodbourne, NY, USA

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AUGUST 9-30, 2009


*with daily Yoga and meditation practice*

with Julia and Charles Yelton, Michael Judd and guests

at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch in Woodbourne, NY

in collaboration with Green Phoenix Permaculture

“Permaculture is an all encompassing framework of life skills

that can be applied no matter what your occupation,

where you live or what the climate.

There are also spiritual aspects of Permaculture –

who we are, where we came from, and our place in the cosmos.”

– Charles Yelton


*Learn practical skills for cultivating peace of mind and living
sustainably. Observe and learn to work with patterns in nature from a place
of balance and center.*

'Yoga' means 'union.' While Yoga practice unites individual consciousness
with Universal Consciousness, Permaculture integrates humanity with nature.
Both approaches ask us to observe and interact with the world consciously
and with care.

Topics covered in this Permaculture design certification course include:

·                     Permaculture vs. Organic and bio-dynamic Farming

·                     Ethics and Principles of Permaculture

·                     Soils and Composting

·                     Backdoor Environment and Four Season Gardening

·                     Introduction to Animal Integration into the Homestead

·                     Wildfire Prevention, Cover Cropping and Fertilizers

·                     Water Storage, Conservation and Grey Water Systems

·                     Map and Topography, Design Layout

·                     Property Design, Zones and Sectors

·                     Creating a forest garden

·                     Alternative Energies for a home, community and village

·                     Alternative Building Techniques

·                     Communities and Village Design and Intentional

·                     Team Building

·                     Group Dynamics and Project Management

Participants will explore these design concepts and strategies through
presentations, group discussion, hands-on implementation, and student-led
design projects. Daily Yoga and meditation instruction provides a unique
opportunity to integrate personal well-being with ecological health and to
develop a personal practice that supports Earthcare. Join us as we explore,
draw out, and practice the deep interconnection between conscious living and
responsible, healing, and regenerative action in the world. *No experience
with permaculture or yoga is necessary - all are welcome!*


·                     77 acres of hilly meadow and woodland in the Catskill

·                     Revived orchards and new food forest plantings

·                     Expanding Organic Annual Garden

·                     Pond, Nature Trails

·                     Russian-style wood burning Sauna


*Julia and Charles Yelton*, formerly of Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
in Queensland, Australia, have been traveling, teaching and living
Permaculture for the last 18 years. Julia is a master gardener skilled in
landscape design. Charles teaches design engineering and management skills.
Together, among numerous other projects, they have built an affordable,
sustainable, energy efficient demonstration home and gardens in Whitefield,
Maine and are Co-Directors of the Permaculture Education Center at the New
Forest Institute in Brooks, Maine. They continue to travel, teach and design
Permaculture systems worldwide.

*Michael Judd* has lived and worked in Latin America for the better part of
the last 15 years learning from indigenous peoples and agro-ecological
systems. Founder and Co-Director of Project Bona Fide, a non-profit
organization in rural Nicaragua, he has applied permaculture to increase
local food security and community health on the island of Ometepe. Michael
currently offers design consultation and implementation services
specializing in edible landscapes along the East Coast, and is
resident-ecological-designer at Sivananda AshramYoga Ranch.

Special guests* *include *Eric Toensmeier*, author of *Perennial Vegetables:
>From Artichokes to Zuiki Taro, A Gardener's Guide to Over 100 Delicious and
Easy to Grow Edibles* and co-author of the award-winning two-volume *Edible
Forest Gardens*.


Tuition $900, plus accommodations. Accommodations include yoga and
meditation instruction daily, delicious organic vegetarian meals, overnight
lodging (camping, or indoor lodging as available), and access to the land,
trails, and sauna. Class size: 10-20 students. ($250 non-refundable deposit
required to guarantee your space.) Limited work-trade available.


Call the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch at 845-436-6492 or email *
permaculture at sivananda.org *with your contact information.

Green Phoenix Permaculture is a NYS non-profit organization that provides
permaculture education programs and demonstration projects that integrate
the ethics of Care for the Earth, Care for People, and Return of Surplus.
See http://www.sivananda.org/ranch/ for more information about Sivananda
Ranch and Yoga.

*COMING SOON! *Ecological Design as Spiritual Practice: An Advanced
Permaculture Design Course with Dave Jacke and Michael Judd (October 16-24,

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