[permaculture] Moldy Compost

Robert Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
Thu Jul 9 22:55:52 EDT 2009

It's kind of hard to diagnose compost issues from 
"afar".  Also, I have zero experience composting 
in a container.  Without being able to see, feel, 
or smell your composting process. . . I'll say 
that in my piles and sheet composting, I try to 
maintain an equal ratio of "brown and dry" to "wet 
and green", the latter could also include "moldy". 
The moldy food will make fine soil, but it needs 
some other stuff like shredded dried leaves, 
shredded paper, cardboard, etc.  I generally feel 
that the more diverse the stuff going into the 
pile, the better the end result compost.

Robert Waldrop, Okc
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From: "Ella Rozin" <ellarozin at gmail.com>
> Hey Robert,
> Thanks for getting back to me...  My concern 
> isnt little critters..  its the
> quality of compost...  will moldy compost make 
> for good soil?  Should I add
> anything to it?

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