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Design Principles for Farm Forestry, 1997, Rural Industries Research and
Development Corporation.  ISBN 0 642 24655 6.
    RIRDC Level 1, AMA House
    42 Macquarie St
    BARTON ACT  2600   email: rirdc-a-netinfo.com.au
Web www.dpie.gov.au/rirdc
(other provinces and) Western Australia has a good agroforestry program with
both genera.  You could check with Farm Forestry Development Officers of
their (WA) Department of Agriculture and Food -- Land, Water and Environment
program (eucalypts use in salinization areas) as well as CALM and
Agriculture Western Australia.  They have websites for publications
http://www.agric.wa.gov.au/PC_90641.html?s=273142013, by topic
http://www.agric.wa.gov.au/action/ATOZ?s=273142013,term=agroforestry and
also Agriculture and Research Services has links to information resources

Rowan Reid is a Senior Lecturer in Farm Forestry in the School of Resource
Management at the Faculty of Land and Food Resources, Univ Melbourne,
http://www.mtg.unimelb.edu.au and could help you with contacts.  He is an
agroforestry specialist.

Sarah W. Workman

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Eric Humel wrote:
> Can anyone recommend key recent, practical references related to dryland
> agroforestry -- specifically eucalyptus and acacia based systems in western
> Australia, California, or similar environs.  Species, design, etc specifics.

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