[permaculture] Water calculations

negiliblek negiliblek at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 7 12:06:53 EDT 2009

Thanks Darren Doherty!

This is an excellent example of using open source methods from the software world in permaculture.

..which isn't about something for nothing!

To give you proper credit, I'll put a sheet in the workbook called Credits, put your name and website along with a link to the original google spreadsheets.

I'm also going to send you a $20 USD to show my gratitude and support for your spreadsheets.

If all people behave in this manner, the best information gets out, your reputation either increases or decreases by the quality of your work (and hence the amount of work and pay you get increases), and small donations from around the world may add up to a small bundle to tide you over in slow times.

Thanks again for your forward thinking, your lack of fear of losing money by using open source methods, and promoting a new way of doing business which cannot be monopolized.



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