[permaculture] stimulate this

Food Forests foodforests at mac.com
Sun Jul 5 12:19:49 EDT 2009

A money crunch reality-check can help refocus on what truly makes us happy: humble humanitarian lifestyles or luxury eco-destroying socially unjust ones?  

"i'd give you everything i've got for a little peace of mind." 

how about a legal system that works smoothly for all, even those with little money, rather than stimulus for more consumerism to bail out those betting on more unsustainability. (lots of people are now getting scammed by unethical others pressured by debt, and courts are notoriously underpowered to provide timely justice and remediation.)

if we prioritize now so as not to be suckered into feeding beasts of material distraction, life for everyone can actually benefit from this "economic crisis." 

here's a helpful tool for clarity:




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