[permaculture] 1. Re: Why is permaculture more about selling books, DVDs and

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Fri Jul 3 14:57:43 EDT 2009

Wesley Roe and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network wrote:
> hi
> now you must be very happy with yourself
> shame on you, hope you have shared all your rants with us
> wes

Read what he said and take the more angry bits with a tolerant grain of salt. He is making good points though
painting much of the permaculture movement unfairly with a broad brush.

I do not think your callous and noncaring remark lends much credibility to your work,
especially if you claim to help those in need.

I like what he had to say and am glad as hell he posted it here.

>> guys; cant we acknowledge and reconcile the fact that most people cant
>> afford the Permaculture pubicqtions AND that most Permaculturalists are
>> busting there arses for no money

Very true and in many circumstances.

>> we need to go beyond; like 30 years ago


>> it doesnt help that the permaculturalist pioneers are a bunch of go it alone
>> curmudgeons who would rather hold a grudge for "à years than cooperate

Not quite.

>> here is some news; perennial polyculture was invented by poor people; before
>> the friggin Permaculture movement

True again.

>> if you want to become an angry rent seeking old hippy this is exactly the
>> formula

Few are really like that these days; survival preempts harboring attitude.

>> its the capitalist ethic which has destroyed the world and might explain why
>> this list/community is so tired and dysfunctional and the FOOD JUSTICE
>> community is super active

This is the only permaculture list (with a few blog/webforum exceptions) that isn't tired and dysfunctional.

>> grow up

The food justice community is important & I would like to see select links to online resources for this.
In fact it is going to be way more important in the near future - have a look at my Xpost on the
HR 2749 Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009.

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