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Wed Jul 1 11:12:24 EDT 2009

sounds like you've got a good approach. below are some websites of folks with whom i've had actual involvement.

my best advice is to stay clear of prejudice and generalizing, using your powers of observations rather than prejudging from what you've been told second-hand by angry non-locals. 

to protect your physical safety, remember that violence is more likely to come from CAR ACCIDENTS than anything else, although that's not often covered by cnn, bbc, or fox because it isn't as good for ratings or their advertising income. buckle your seatbelt and don't drive with the impaired.

also, everyone i met there is familiar to the phrase "thanks be to G-d" since it's used universally in both hebrew and arabic (as in the interchange: 'how you doin?', 'thanks be to G-d, i feel great.')... but if you say it in ENGLISH, and mean it, you'll get bonus respect from any other language speaker because you're not just saying it mechanically as many in their community do, and helps remind others of their own blessings. non-jaded 'virgins' get a lot of respect.

finally, please share the word i developed while there to be shared in all languages, merging arabic 'salaam' with hebrew 'shalom' (both meaning peace):

SHALAAM (it's for everyone)



Hey FF,

Thanks for your discussion on the topic so far, it is very interesting to



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