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Hey FF,
I've been trying to develop a contact base for travelling/working/learning
among permaculture projects in the west bank.  I'm from Brooklyn, and just
took a design course with Santoyo.  I have very little farming experience
but hight hopes for permaculture design principles playing a role in my
life.  You mentioned open invitations for those hoping to learn the culture.
 My father is Palestinian, but I don't know any Arabic yet.  This is an open
ended adventure of discovery for me, and your help would be appreciated.
 I'll be there on the 14th of July, and so far have made plans with a place
called Bustan Qaraaqa.  Do you have any advise?

Thanks for your discussion on the topic so far, it is very interesting to


2009/6/30 Food Forests <foodforests at mac.com>

> Lawrence F. London wrote:
> > I was planning to write a wandering tale about a pipe dream of an idea
> for peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs
> so enamored of such prospects. (snip)
> > Just for starters.
> The good news, larry, is that "for starters" what you mentioned already
> exists. the main missing ingredient is simply more POSITIVE collaboration
> from those who care to see the dream become even more real. i'm not sure
> more blaming and complaining will help much, as that market is oversupplied
> already. incremental understanding may not be as dramatic as news clip
> conflict, but that's the beauty path, and i'd rather enjoy than deploy, grow
> rather than throw.
> there's open invitations to spend time in many west bank israeli and
> palestinian communities for anyone respectful of the hosts and appreciative
> of their traditional hospitality. if not ready for that live-time adventure,
> there's plenty of online reading about many many multicultural eco-peace
> activities which have continued through the years there, such as sulha and
> bustan.
> after actually living, working, and growing permaculture in the region for
> almost 3 years amongst local cultural hyperdiversity, speaking some arabic
> and hebrew, i barely scratched the surface of the deeper stories that are
> accessible for those called to learn there rather than pontificate from
> here.
> and i found little correlation between ethnic/political backgrounds and the
> likelihood of positive practice with others. the exceptions were at the
> sweet month long 2006 Golan Heights rainbow gathering encampment or the 2004
> and 2005 sulha. there, everybody was positive, though the 3am drumming
> sessions outside my tent when i was hoping to sleep still challenged my
> peaceful nature. but i was encamped there for two weeks, and knew that those
> kids had to pack their party into just a short weekend... so compassion
> becomes the sweet fruit of personal difficulty.
> oh, and my pipe dream included bringing an actual pipe, a traditional
> native american peace pipe from south dakota used with hopi tobacco grown in
> jerusalem. it was well received and remains there in use.
> a-ho.
> -FFs
> [who you callin' a ho?]
> Lawrence F. London wrote:
> >some of the west bank settlers are hardly any better and are
> using some of my taxes for sustenance
> how about a fair deal for the Palestinians (I mean the real ones
> who have real lives, do real work (i.e. farming, grow olives and
> pomegranites),
> feed and educate their families and live nonviolently like most of the
> world...
> I was planning to write a wandering tale about a pipe dream of an idea for
> peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs
> so enamored of such prospects. I got the idea reading about Corfu in an old
> Gourmet magazine with mention of olive
> trees. I knew a Palestinian here in NC who told me about their olive
> harvest and first pressing of oil. Looking at a
> pitcher of this delicacy one would see what resembled thick cream or
> clabbered milk, almost spreadable with tableware.
> This led to ideas/visions of Jew/Arab market farms, regional gourmet
> restaurants using local produce taken to the max,
> with international visibility, tourism, ecotourism, and... "a good time was
> had by all..."
> Just for starters.
> LL
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