[permaculture] Voting for White House Farmer ending. Please vote!

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Fri Jan 30 20:28:58 EST 2009

Till the 1950s all our presidents had a garden at the White House. In a NY 
Times article last October, Michael Pollan called for the creation of a White 
House Farmer position and suggested turning five acres of land on the White 
House grounds into an organic fruit and vegetable garden.    

The website WhiteHouseFarmer. com was conceived by The Brockmans, a family 
farm in Illinois and
over 33,000 people have taken part in the White House Farmer project by 
voting for the White House Farmer!

As of this morning, great candidate Clare Strader trailed the leader by182 
votes, in a field of 111 candidates, and this evening she has pulled slightly 
ahead.  Voting ends Saturday at midnight.

Please go to the White House Farmer site 
and cast your vote for Claire today.    There are more well-known nominees, 
but Claire is perfect for the job.   She has all the skills needed, yet has not 
put down roots yet that would leave a hole in a community if she moves to 

Claire has worked in
small-scale organic agriculture for 15 years, including her 8 years at Troy
Community Farm where she turned a 5-acre parcel of weedy urban landscape
into a highly productive and wonderfully beautiful vegetable farm. Not only
does Claire produce food for CSA, market, and wholesale on this small urban
farm, she also educates college students, high-school youth, and adult
volunteers through the farm's internship programs."

farmer.com%2F%3Fpage_id%3D119&id=preview> Cast your vote for Claire today!

. <http://www.whitehousefarmer.com/> Visit the White
House Farmer website

. <http://www.madison.com/tct/news/434201> Read an
article on Claire in The Capital Times

Also, please encourage your friends and neighbors to cast their
votes and spread the word by forwarding this message. Thanks for your


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