[permaculture] {fwd) gaza and use of food for collective punishment

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Sun Jan 18 22:17:41 EST 2009

On 19/01/09 1:31 AM, "Lawrence F. London, Jr." <lflj at intrex.net> wrote:

> However, we should recognize that
> this was started, in part, because of a months long blockade that prevented
> the entry of food, fuel and other vital
> supplies into Gaza.
> The collective punishment of a civilian population that lives under an illegal
> blockade, military control and occupation
> is illegal according to the Geneva convention.
> Unfortunately, Israel-- basically our client in the Middle East-- is not
> alone, nor the first in the use of food to
> punish civilian populations.

The US blockade of Cuba had a similar rational, and after the USSR collapsed
the US tightened its blockade, presumably to 'starve' Cuba into submission.
Even now after the biggest national disaster following hurricanes Ike and
Gustav when 80% of Cubas crops were destroyed, major food warehouses damaged
and food supplies spoiled, the US refused to relax the blockade to allow
Cuba to purchase from US companies.

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