[permaculture] sust. farm job creation research?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Tue Jan 6 22:00:39 EST 2009

SANET-MG Archives -- January 2009 (#30)
Subject: Re: sust. farm job creation research?
Date:	Tue, 6 Jan 2009 20:19:10 -0500

Ecology Action/John Jeavons has created the solution to the situation
you describe - Grow Biointensive.  Check them out at

With biointensive, you can grow soil WHILE you grow food - no either or
choice, but BOTH!

Felicitas Flörchinger wrote:
 > Well, that´s a good question. I am actually working on Slope Land
 > Management in North Korea. As you all know some 50 years ago the
 > country suffered massive bombardement and in most places the upper
 > layer of the soil was destroyed. In these days most hills are
 > deforested and severely eroded. People, peasants, cultivate them in
 > need for food. They plow them with oxen or hoes and sow wheat, barley,
 > rice, corn, sweet potatoe or soy beans. In summer, with the heavy
 > rainfalls, the soil will come down and sometimes bury houses. So, to
 > get back to the question -- if an ecosystem is destroyed like this
 > one, the challenge is to restore or even design something
 > "sustainable". The best would be to reforest those hills with native
 > species and not touch them for the next 100 years. But people are
 > hungry. We will have to design something that is sustainable in both
 > ecological means and for the people. Quite difficult, especially with
 > hungry people - thinking about the future (-> sustainability)
 > unfortunately is something they cannot affort or survive.
 > Felicitas
 > Pyongyang

She could also join the Permaculture list where there are practitioners,
project managers, consultants and teachers from all over the world who have
worked in many parts of the world. They would be quite interested in the challenge
posed by Felicitas. Go here to join 832 folks in discussion and Q&A.
Its S.O.P. for permaculturists. Jeavons technology represents
the first line of defense against soil erosion and degradation; he has been at it
for at least 25 years, perfecting his methods year by year. Jeavons, Coleman
and Permaculture are a perfect combination; add also Fukuoka, Biodynamics, EM-Ag, Ingham/SoilFoodWeb,
French Intensive Culture of Crops, Soil Remineralization and Compost Tea.

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