[permaculture] they didnt end the Stone Age because they ran out of stones & Useful software for web users

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Good to talk with you my friend. I will help you with this project.  
Tell me what I can do. Let's talk soon old friend.


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On Jan 1, 2009, at 2:09 PM, "Lawrence F. London, Jr."  
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> =[permaculture] they didnt end the Stone Age because they ran out of  
> stones
> =Nicholas Roberts nicholas at themediasociety.org
> =Sat Dec 27 19:11:19 EST 2008
> =below are some notes, on some big, long-term projects, that I am  
> going
> =to focus on over the next few years... ...  I am especially focussing
> =on where I perceive gaps in the permaculture community worldwide, the
> =global problems that we face, and areas that I think I have expertise
> =and interest
> =2. Permaculture Cooperative - a global permaculture cooperative for
> =all producers and workers doing permaculture.. Permaculture.TV will  
> be
> =a cooperative project.. and it seems that a unified marketing project
> =for permaculturealists producers, educators, workers, designers; the
> =entire spectrum of permaculture producers could greatly benefit  
> from a
> =global cooperative... start to compete against the global
> =multinational corporations.. I had some inetrest from Sweden, NYC and
> =San Francisco regarding this.. I would suggest that the main  
> activites
> =of the Permaculture cooperative be marketing *online via an ecommerce
> =website*, the Permaculture.TV video website. Also education,  
> activism,
> =lobbying and research and development project streams be developed
> =3. Permaculture Workers Cooperative - a workers coop that does
> =permaculture farming and work of various kinds... decentralised urban
> =farming, permablitzes/permabees, permaculture maintainence etc ...
> =this is Tom's social and economic justice permaculture
> All of the above. I support this & will help any way I can.
> =5. Permaculture Design Tools - there have been a number of requests  
> on
> =the email lists  *especially from the US for a computer based design
> =tool for permaculture farmers, designers, educators etc... I see this
> =as a software application like an existing computer-based farm design
> =tool, that is open sourced, and perhaps is linked and/or creates a  
> web
> =database - perhaps like a wikipedia system - that contains data on
> =tools, species, landforms, market data, polucultures etc...
> I am working on an implementation of MediaWiki, Wordpress & BBPress
> on ibiblio which we can use for this any way needed.
> Subject:video codecs, video viewers, video converters, video  
> downloaders (Firefox & DH add-on)
> From:    "Lawrence F. London, Jr."
> =Go to _www.free-codecs.com/download/k_lite_codec_pack.htm_
> =(http://www.free-codecs.com/download/k_lite_codec_pack.htm)
> =Then follow instructions to download the version you need -- I  
> downloaded
> =4.4.5 Full at the bottom of the list on this page which lets you  
> view a lot of
> =different media, although 4.4.5 Standard opens MP-4 and is  
> apparently all you
> =need for that.
> =Marlene Halverson
> Codec source combined with viewer and converter downloads is
> the reliable Free Codecs.Com:  http://www.free-codecs.com/
> Using RSS Video you can access all the TED videos.
> I recommend RSS Owl as a RSS reader/client
> http://feeds.feedburner.com/tedtalks_video
> Select a video then bring down the reader options in the dialog box  
> and
> pick RSS Owl (install RSS Owl first so that will appear as a  
> selection).
> Reading the TED RSS feed in RSS Owl will update you on all new TED  
> talks;
> you go directly to TED to view your selection picked from the archive
> presented in OWL.
> Use the latest Firefox browser then install Download Helper as an  
> add-on
> to enable direct download of video and pictures from many sites,
> YouTube included. Videos from the TED website are not but TED's on  
> YouTube are.
> Version 3.5.1 may be the latest. They are downloads using YouTube's  
> file format, .flv
> and perhaps others. Files are saved to user-selectable location then  
> viewed later with
> any of several programs: freeware/shareware for audio/video I like  
> are:
> My favorite: GOM Player (Excellent, frequest upgrades), my second  
> favorite (best for DVD viewing), mplayerc.exe, Media
> Player Classic from: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Media_Player_Classic.htm 
> , WinAmp, VNView explorer-like hard
> drive browser utility, Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player,  
> nvplayer and many others.
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