[permaculture] Suggestions for Achira Recipes?

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I am in Southern California, I have been harveting in fall when the leaves start to die back. It is definitely crunchy but I haven't had problem with fibrous.? I don't mind the crunchy texture at all.???????????????? 

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In my climate (California) at least, it seems that only the new corms are worth 
eating, and only at certain times of the year.? I haven't fully explored this, 
but I have definitely had mixed results with trying to cook Canna.? Often it 
seems it is impossible to get the plant to soften up.? It stays crunchy and 
fibrous.? I think high temperatures help.? I recently tried sauteing the corms, 
sections of shoot, and leaves, cut into small pieces, and was able to get the 
corms to soften up with a lot of heat, with the rest becoming tender enough to 
include in a stir-fry or something.
I'd like to know how people make noodles out of Canna.

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