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 I pass on this information about Rick Coleman from his partner, Naomi...


Hi Russ,

Thanks for your thoughts. It's been a tough couple of weeks. Please pass
this info on through networks, as people have been emailing their thoughts
and its a good way to give an update.

Rick is keeping pretty positive though he has had a setback this week which
will keep him hospitalised for at least two more weeks to a month. He has
broken his back in two places, resulting in surgery fusing 5 vertebrae, as
well as 4 broken ribs and a bone graft. He is walking in a brace with a
frame but its pretty painful. He can't sit, and until he can, he will be in

We had a permablitz on the weekend to start raising some garden beds, but it
will be a while before we can go back to live on the farm.

Its a credit to his work there that despite the heatwave and no attention
for the last 7 weeks, the trees are dripping with fruit and I have been
bottling (on 45 degree days!) apples, and now peaches.

We are grateful that Rick is alive, that he will walk again, and after the
weekend horror in Victoria we know we have a lot to be thankful for, but it
still has been hard. (especially when the family dog died last friday, which
has been really hard on the kids)  I think the farm will cope, its been set
up for that, it may look messy for a while but it will continue to produce.
It already has shown that it can. And we have been saying for a while that
we should focus on pumping out some more veggies so i guess that will be
Rick's newest venture - zone 1 with a vengeance!

We wont be running our March PDC but November is definitely on, nearly all
students opted to wait for the November PDC, which was very supportive.

Anyone who is down our way from April/May on, please contact us. We are
renovating the farmhouse at the moment and between all the metal plates in
Ricks and my body we cant lift anything, so help moving back in and getting
the garden beds filled with organic matter would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks again, the support from the permaculture community has helped

Love Naomi


...Russ Grayson

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