[permaculture] ahem

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 4 22:58:39 EST 2009

Permaculture Planet folks ,
You wrote quite a while back asking for a link in the Planetary 
Permaculture Directory in exchange for a link on your site. It's taken 
until this winter to get time to deal with it. I went to your site to 
see what it looked like only to find that you had taken one of my photos 
(the one of Sepp Holzer), not given me credit. Seems you've also 
"borrowed" heavily from others, also without giving credit or links to 
the photographers, such as Geoff Lawton, our dear departed Joe 
Polaischer, and etc. Would you please remove the image of Sepp and get 
one from somewhere else?

You might give some thought to actually telling folks about yourselves 
when they click the "About" link.

So far I find little reason to want to be listed amongst such 
"luminaries" as David Icke. Your site looks less about serving the 
Permaculture world and more like trying to cash in on it. You promise 
much but deliver little.


Keith Johnson
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