[permaculture] Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter

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For my part on an urban scale, I grow my veggies in about 1000 sq ft of French intensive beds in my zone 1, surrounded by stacked perennial polycultures in my zone 2 areas - the goumis, fruit trees, hazels, hardy kiwis, almonds, etc.  Although the ecotone between zones is blurry in some areas and maximized for edge.  I try not to devote large, continuous areas of those intensive beds to any one crop, but there is definitely some simplicity of layout and harvest in those areas compared to the outer zone.  And of course more energy spent on compost teas, mulches, cover crops, and mineral applications.
But I don't think that's un-permacultural.

The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow.
-Chinese proverb

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> If someone's main aim is simply high yield (with high inputs for high
> outputs), or simplicity, then they'll be disappointed with "hippie
> permaculture jungles,

My gardening experience is similar to Novella Carpenter's, and I too will be
moving away from the permaculture jungle approach for my vegetables.  My
kitchen garden will be small and productive, and I will cede some space at
the margins as my goumi, pawpaws, and mulberries grow in.

Isn't this a good way to manage Zone 2?  Would Novella Carpenter's
neighborhood be better served if her garden was less efficient and her
neighbors had to buy vegetables from grocery stores?
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