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Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 28 17:28:18 EST 2009

Jacque Greenleaf wrote:

> Oh yah. But the topics that would point up the very real differences  
> are usually not in homesteading forums. Libertarians despise all  
> government - most RW would be happy with a very strong government as  
> long as it enforced their social values.

Ah, I stand corrected and properly informed!
> A side note - I used to be active in political circles in Oregon. I'll  
> never forget the comment of a national Dem organizer who came to  
> Oregon to help with a presidential campaign - he said Oregonians just  
> thought they were Rs or Ds - we were all really libertarians. There's  
> quite a bit of truth to that.

I never know that about oregon. I thought they were all permaculturists, 
organic farmers, loggers and lots of homesteaders and back to the 
landers. I didn't know about the state's Libertarian bent. There are 
Libertarians in NC but the party is not on the national ballot afaik;
the Green party certainly isn't.

> My impression has always been that the BHM editors do not censor their  
> article and letter writers or ad placers. Once in a while you will see  
> comments from community-oriented, more wholistic folks in the  
> magazine. I think that if, for instance, Lawrence London were to  
> submit an article on the basic permaculture methods of food forestry,  
> it would stand a good chance of being accepted.

I'll register and do a lot of browsing (gleaning of info and urls
for other uses) and may post here and there. I will be there to learn 
mostly as I have a whole lot yet to learn about farming, cropping, 
growing for market. My area of experience is in soil improvement and 
medium-large scale raised bed gardening.

> And here we come to the real nub of why I am even spending time  
> writing about this issue, and asking you to spend your time reading  
> what I have to say. Remember the first public reaction to the bank  
> bailout? It was from the public gut, and it was resoundingly negative,  
> from all parts of the political spectrum. So where is that reaction  
> today, while our new government, just like the old one, is still  
> making sure bankers get in the lifeboats first, before the women and  
> children in steerage. In my opinion, it got lost when everyone  
> remembered what political line they subscribed to, and resumed their  
> usual daily demonization of THEM. The bankers like that just fine.

What an amazingly prceptive and accurate observation!
Scenario you describe: The initial reaction then revert to the 
comfortable, non challenging day to day agenda and participation in the 
political process. The reason their core values do not guide them to a 
more sustained objection to who and what caused the present depression 
is that they feel 1) disenfranchised 2) its too much work and extended 
comittment to what they consider worthhwile causes or spokesmmen for 
those causes is just to difficult and puts them in a position of having 
to take chances with their time and money that they might not be able to 
afford 3) there's nothing they can do about it anyway 4) how would they 
work together, who will form and lead a significant number of people in 
an organized call-for-action front and how could they expect to achieve 
anything without that and what could they achieve _with_ that. There's 
much more to it but these are some of the highlights that come to mind.

> We are all in the habit of only hanging around with the choir.  
> Granted, it can be no fun at all to volunteer to be a target. But we  
> need to talk across the lines more often.

That is definitely with all these forums, blogs, lists, wikis, websites 
and private email addressbooks are for. That is a great start.

Good grief, look what is happening in Iran over these past few days.
That's not what we want here nor do we want a government list they have 
there. Another things, we have some of the best quality of life here tah 
almost anywhere else in the world, European and Scandinavian nations 
included, and definitely the best dental care in the world.

Things worth preserving and perpetuating.
THE FAR RIGHT NEOCONS - nothin is good enough for them and nothing is 
too good for them; what do they want for $.25C? We have it great here in 
the USA; we just to make the best use of what we have.


> I'm done now! ;-)
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